Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday today!
34 years old and I couldn't be happier :)
I feel like I have reached a wonderful time in my life and I am really enjoying it. I have heard so many people say that they settled into their skin in their thirties and things just all fell into place. I think I am experiencing this too.

I'm spending the day with Simon and Jasper and when Finn comes home from school they have a little surprise for me. 
 I wonder what it is?!

Have a lovely day (I will be!)

Simone xx

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    P.S.: It always makes me happy to know that someone else is happy, so I'm glad to hear (or read)that you are enjoying your life, even if I don't know actually know you.
    Once again, have the bestest [?] of days! You obviously deserve it! And I hope you spend it with the ones you love :)

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful!! The thirties are the bestest decade! xoxoxo Enjoy your special day!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you Simone :)

    Hope you have a fabulous day with your boys and you are spoilt!

    Love that cake picture, I have just purchased that pink cake stand from Sharnel Dollar Designs and can't wait to display something gorgeous on it.

    Katena x

  4. Happy Birthday - so glad you are enjoying the 30's.
    Hope you have a great day and that cake image is divine!

    Naomi x

  5. Happy birthday gorgeous girl - hope your day is as pretty as that cake xx

  6. Happy Birthday to you!
    cheryl x

  7. Happy birthday Simone. I must say that you're ahead of the game if you've settled into your skin by mid 30's! And you know only gets better. Enjoy your special day with your special people x

  8. Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl...and yes you are so right about hitting the kind of exhale...and breath in life with contentment. Hoping you have a wonderful time celebrating with your boys. Big Hugs. Anna x

  9. Happy Birthday Simone! It was my birthday yesterday, and I had a great day, and ate ALOT of cake. Wishing you all the best,

  10. My Birthday too!!! Have a fabulous birthday gemini twin! XXX

    X Bec

  11. Happy birthday my sweet friend!! Wishing you the loveliest of days with your boys x

  12. Happy Birthday Simone, I hope you have a lovely day. Jxx

  13. Happy Birthday! enjoy your 34th year :)) xo, shari

  14. Have a wonderful day! All the very best.

  15. Happy Birthday lovely lady! I'm sure your boys will spoil you rotten x

  16. happy birthday my gorgeous friend.Hope you have a fabulous day lovely, i''m sure you will by the sounds of the surprise from your boys..enjoy!! hugs melli xx

  17. Happy Birthday gorgeous Simone... I hope it's a beautiful one! AND I an't wait to hear all about your 'surprise'! Enjoy my dear... S x

  18. Happy Birthday Simone! Hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed your surprise, how exciting!
    P.S. I LOVE the pic here, that cake looks lush :o)

  19. Happy Birthday Simone! Hope you have an amazing day spent with your lovely family! can't wait to read what your surprise is! x

  20. Happy birthday Simone! Hope your cake is as scummy as the one pictured. Love the outdoor image in your previous post too. gxo

  21. Oh, happy birthday, Simone! No doubt your boys have treated you splendidly. Yep, the 30s are pretty good, I agree. J x


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