Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday to my baby!
Jasper is 4 today! 
Am I still allowed to call him my baby? ;)
He is a delight, so funny and a real snuggler!

He had the best time running around at his party yesterday and today we are taking the new scooter out for a ride and trying to send a rocket into space! (gotta love the National Geographic shop for bday pressies for boys!) This will be followed by lunch with the grandparents with some cousins and a birthday cake!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far!
Simone xx

image via donna hay


  1. Happy Birthday Jasper! I still call my little Tommy 4 also baby! Letitia xx

  2. Happy birthday to him as well!

  3. Happy Birthday little Jasper...I dont think they will EVER be too old to be called our babies...they will be our babies forever. Hope you all had an awesome time celebrating x

  4. Happy Birthday to your little Jasper. It sounds like he has had a lovely time :)

  5. So true - they are never too old to be your baby. A mothers right I guess, my 21 year old Dylan (and my 23yr old girl) will always be my babies!! Hope the day was a memorable one for Jasper. Yum cupcakes... Loved your interview with Georgie - already a follower, but a great read. Tried to purchase a white Witchery shirt but all sold in my size online, so will have to get to a store. Thanks for the info. Great to catch up on your posts.
    Rebecca x

  6. Sounds perfect! Hope you had a great time, Happy Birthday to Jasper :)

  7. I think I'll be calling my boys 'my babies' when they're 25! Haha!
    Sounds like Jasper had a lovely birthday weekend, how awesome.
    I agree, National Geographic shop has some fabulous finds for curious kiddies... and their parents! ;o)

  8. 4 is absolutely NOT to old to still be called your baby! My youngest is 4 and she is soooooo still my cuddle bunny baby!
    Happy Day to you all!


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