Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A gorgeous pic.

How gorgeous is this picture?
Oh, for an occasion to swan around in a floral headpiece!

I've been so busy this week! 
Jasper is turning 4 this weekend and he is having a party on Saturday so lots of prep for that, I have Book Club on Thursday night and I haven't read the book yet! (I did read it in high school, I'm hoping the details come back to me!) I have lots of orders for prints which is wonderful so I will be busy filling orders too!

I am also kinda liking the cooler weather. 

It gives me a chance to wear my jacket I spoke about here

How's your week shaping up so far?

Have a beautiful day!
Simone xx


  1. Love your jacket Simone...

    and those eyes in the first picture are mesmerising.

    School athletics carnival today... brrr! It's the start of a busy few days. gxo

  2. love the jacket Simone...busy busy you are..your prints are gorgeous!! have a great week with it all and happy birthday to your little man xox

  3. What a gorgeous portrait, love her skin!! Your jacket looks awesome, great you are getting lots of wear out of it. Have fun organising Jasper's party. We've had a pretty low key week, just running errands, grocery shopping and dance class today (as well as a curtain quote). It's actually been nice having time to catch up on things and just potter around the house, thinking about decorating options and ideas while Grace has been happily playing away.

  4. You look great Simone, what a gorgeous jacket and shoes too. Love the whole ensemble.
    That photo is engaging! Not sure I could pull the floral headpiece off though personally.

  5. Great jacket, Simone. You should link this up with Kymmie's 'Fancy Pants' post!!

    I kinda like the pic... but then she looks a bit... um... stupid. Sorry, but her eyes are vacant to me!! x

  6. The image is lovely! And the jacket looks divine! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx


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