Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do you have a Mini-Me?

As I was going through the photos of the previous weekend (Jasper's birthday), I was struck by the likeness between Finn and myself. 

I have my own little mini-me!

We also share the same personality traits but to see this photo is amazing! 

Simon has his own mini-me in Jasper and their personalities are identical too!

How about your family?
Any mini-me's? 

Have a wonderful day
Simone xx

images are my own.


  1. Yeppers...Haidee is my little mini me while Amelia looks alot like her daddy. Your boys are gorgeous Simone, I hope he had a great day :)

  2. They are definitely both mini versions of you. Wow! My kids are a good mix of both of us. Although Daddy's brown eyes won out both times, and my eyes didn't get a look in!
    Lovely photos of you all.

  3. Jeepers, you're right Simone! Our middle daughter is my mini me although she has blue eyes and I have brown. One of my nieces is also a mini me in characteristics more so than looks. gxo

  4. They are just adorable Simone..and I DEFINITELY do see it! But then when I look at Finn...I can still see little traces of Simon ..and in Jasper little traces of you...sooo bizarre isnt it!
    When Jacq was a baby everyone said he looked like Pete..and now they all say he looks like me..but I still see both every day ..depending on what he is doing..or face he is help but love them to bits x

  5. wow yes very much so! what a gorgeous family!

  6. You DEFINITELY have a mini me there SImone. Gorgeous photos. I think it's lovely when you can see similarities between you/hubby and your children.
    For me, my second boy is apparently my double. I kind of see it, but I can see it in my eldest too. But according to everyone, my eldest is ALL my hubby. It's a bit special when they look like you though :o)

  7. I can see exactly what you mean in both those photos, a definite mini-me :) I'm not sure who Grace looks like, I often see Paul in her with various expressions.

  8. I've always thought Jasper was a mini SImon, but yeah wow I saw that photo and Kell & I were commenting on how similar Finn was to you! For us, Addison is a mini me, trait wise as well, just with blonde hair. And Jarvis people say is a mini Kell. I see of bit of both of us in him. xx

  9. Oh Simone you and your family are so beautiful! xoxo Gorgeous photos! Yep, you definitely have two mini-me's! :) Lucky you!


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