Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 Decorating Mantras to Live By?

I came across these 5 decorating mantras the other day and I think I agree with all of them!

1. This will be my perfect excuse for beautiful linen and cosy throws and of course cushions go next to your body right? There you go, my cushion addiction has been justified!!

2. Most of my furniture is good quality and will probably outlast my constant need for change! I like to change things around with cheap and cheerful purchases that don't break the bank and don't leave you feeling guilty when you have moved on to the next "must have" item :)

3. Nothing beats fresh flowers to add that extra something to a room.  

4. My home is my sanctuary and where I spend time with the ones I love the most. Why not honour that and make your home the best it can be? Simple things like decanting washing powder into a glass jar to make it look pretty, a gorgeous tea cup to drink your morning cuppa out off. Simple things :)

5. I love a bit of sparkle in the house and I get this from my chandeliers and mirrors and pretty frames and perfume bottles. A splash of girliness and sparkle.

I love this bathroom below. I think it ticks most of the boxes!

Beautiful towels, fresh flowers, gorgeous marble counter top, and a bit of sparkle from the mirror and tiles.
How lovely to start each day in such a pretty space :)

Have a wonderful day 
Simone xx 

images 1. via   2. pinterest


  1. Ooh, I love this Simone!! I agree with all 5 too. I might print it out and put it on my pin-up board as a little reminder :) Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day sweetie xx

  2. Very nice mantras!.. I like the quality not clutter.. I love de-cluttering!

  3. Agree on all accounts! I pour the washing powder into a nice tin, put the cotton balls into a etched glass jar and love the sparkle of silver knobs, lights or candle holders. I take a long time to consider some purchases but its worth it in the end to get the feel just right! gxo

  4. Thanks for sharing! I agree with every point!

  5. These are actually really great rules! I especially like rule number 4!


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