Sunday, April 17, 2011

This could be true.

This could be true, what do you think?
Anyway it is perfect for a Sunday :)

I am going to replant my wooden barrels with flowers today.
 I'm not sure with what, something that grows in the cooler weather I guess! And I am working on the library part, well I'm thinking about adding a few book shelves for extra cosiness and purely aesthetic reasons of course!


  1. I think this may be true! Working on the library part too. Letitia xx

  2. nice saying! love the graphics as well.

  3. This is definitely true!! I love this poster. Even if it's a small garden, and your library a bookshelf (or the real public one!), the words still apply just as nicely.
    Happy Sunday to you. Grey and rainy and relaxing here. I've been in black velour track pants the whole day long. :)

  4. Ah that has reminded me that our garden is in some desperate need of love & attention over the Easter break. Just in time for all the kids to run about at our little boys 1st birthday party :-) x

  5. true..... aside from ALSO needing TIIIIIIIME to enjoy!!!! Hope you had a great weekend....


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