Friday, April 15, 2011

My latest purchase.

I just thought I'd share my latest purchase with you.
These cute little bunnies from Carousel Boutique.
I bought them in preparation for Easter but I think they will be cute to have around the house always :)
I'm also loving my daffodils that were given to me as a pressie. Loving the pop of yellow!
So what have you bought this week?


  1. They're really lovely and look adorable sitting next to those gorgeous daffs. I have one bunny who looks very similar to yours and I love him. Such sweet things :)

  2. Too cute... they look like they might just dive through a tiny doorway and into a mad hatter's tea party. Your leather lounge looks incredibly similar to ours... gxo

  3. They are super cute..and agree...perfect to keep them permanently...too adorable to put away after easter ; )

  4. So cute honey - two little ceramic bunnies turned up on my doorstep yesterday as a pressie and take pride of place on my book case now. Love the Easter vibe everywhere at the moment. Goodluck with the markets at the weekend xxx

  5. Very cute! Am loving your daffodils too x

  6. How cute! Definitely the perfect purchase for easter! Melissa x

  7. Hi Simone,
    Your house is gorgeous, I especially love the floor lamp in the background and was wondering where you purchased it. Have a great weekend.
    Sheryn x

  8. What a gorgeous Easter purchase. But I agree these are a keeper year round I think. Amongst all your other beautiful pieces x


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