Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fairy Tales :)

I came across this house the other day while on my travels.
Doesn't it remind you of a little fairy-tale house?

It's the gardens that do it I think :)

Speaking of fairy-tales, how gorgeous was the Wedding last night!
We were all caught up in it, including Simon and the boys.

How about you? Did you watch? Did you tear up? Just a little? 


  1. That house is gorgeous, love the sandstone feature on the garage.

  2. The house is lovely and I think the garden really makes it.
    Yes, I watched the wedding and really enjoyed it. I may have teared up just a little :)

  3. Oh i had to drag myself away from the wedding to pick up my husband from the airport, glee. It was stunning, i loved it & still plenty to see when we got home. I can't fault any of it, even the Middleton Family is perfection. My favourite image was her sister surrounded by all the little page boys & flower girls, breath taking.
    That house is delicious. Love Posie

  4. Uh yeah I'd take that house too cute. Haven't watched the wedding yet. I have big plans to make a memory with my girlies this weekend though.

  5. What a lovely house. Yes, we watched the wedding too. I absolutely adored her gorgeous dress, as well as her sister's elegant one too. All beautiful!! x

  6. I didn't think I'd be as caught up in it as I turned out to be. I loved how, despite all the pomp, it was quite sweet and personal.

  7. I totally teared up! I had no idea I was going to until I did! Glad to hear someone else shed a tear as well!


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