Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fairy floss at the fête.

Amongst our busy day yesterday we managed to stop off at the fete Finn's school was having.
The fairy floss was a hit!

Before hand we had watched Finn play his first game of Rugby League. Watching other boys tackle my baby was a little confronting but somthing to get used too! 
He had a fantastic time running around the field with his mates and they won 24-12 so that was a nice bonus :)

We also caught up with some family that were down for a visit. So all in all a busy day and we are still going today!

Hope you're having a cruisey Sunday!


  1. looks like a fun day...cute kids and great photo!
    cheryl x

  2. YUM! i havent had fairy floss in years, hopefully ill get some in Syd at the Easter Show.

  3. Oh no, your precious boy in a tackle, kind of glad my son doesn't want to play any form of football. No, lucky us?? His pro ice hockey teacher has suggested ICE HOCKEY instead??!! Oh dear gawd, why can't they make daisy chains in a tough manner, love Posie


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