Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At home.

A few bits n bobs around the house :)

Loving my new doormat from "Holy Sheet" (just love that name!), feeling very regal when I enter the house ;). Also I replanted my barrels with New Guinea Impatiens. Fingers crossed they take!

I also attempted some ribbon writing on my lounge room wall. Inspired by this, hmmm, not sure if I'm 100% happy with this. I think I should have used some thicker ribbon. It was a little tricky, I couldn't get a "flow" going but it is easily changed :)

Picked up these 2 things from Bed, Bath n Table the other day.
Did I need them, well no but they are so cute!

These cute little glass bottles.
 Perfect for the individual stems :)

And this white owl. 
Another one, what can I say I love owls!

I have left my little home in peace for the last few months but now I feel like a little change! Stay tuned!


  1. looks fantastic...love the ribbon. I'm so addicted to Bed bath & table - can you imagine my excitement when I found its coming to our local shopping centre :)

  2. I think you're not giving yourself any credit. The ribbon 'love' looks fantastic!! I like your black door too, and look forward to seeing your pots in bloom. What a lovely lounge room.

  3. Love the 'love', love. Love the lamp and the owl too... coincidentally, the lamp and a white owl feature in my post today too! gxo

  4. Great job on the ribbon love, and how very you to finish it off beautifully with the butterflies. Love the little individual vases, I have some of these too and what a lovely touch to entwine the rustic knotted roping around them. Ahh back to my work emails. Thanks for the 5min break xx

  5. Looking great Simone! I also love those little milk bolltes and twine - what a great idea XX Samie

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  7. Your home is really beautiful, the love ribbon looks beautiful I want to now give it a try!
    I was in a shop last week that had the same door mat and was tempted to buy it, looks great, also loving your milk bottles, so sweet!
    Take care xx

  8. I nearly bought those..I still might now that I've seen how gorgeous they look out of the store! Your house is looking lovely. Rachaelxx

  9. hey simone.......i bought the bottles too, they look great and for $14.95 they were a steal, hope you have a wonderful day lisa

  10. Oooo yes yes, I love owls too! I have a white owl sitting in my kitchen, who gazes down on the daily going's on in our little home. They are just beautiful creatures, they fascinate me.
    Your home is gorgeous Simone :o)

  11. Ribbon looks great Simone - I have those bottles as well - BB&T have some very cute things in at the moment - very dangerous really! Leanne x

  12. I considered buying those bottle too - but I held back. However, that owl did make it to my home!


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