Thursday, March 3, 2011


Do you think people are drinking more Pellegrino lately?

More likely it is the stylists latest prop :)

I love the pop of colour it brings though.

What about you?
Have you decorated with Pellegrino lately?


  1. I usually have a bottle stored away. I love the bubbles :) It's not the cheapest of bubbly water to serve but I do love the pop of colour it brings. I thought about getting the little bottles for Will's Naming Day on sunday but I'd be spending like $30 on it and I don't think hubby would see the asthetic value at that price :)

  2. They do look cool and make the party table pretty. I like the contrast of the white background and the Pellegrino in the first photo. Lovely!

  3. Not since i was in Italy last year, sigh. I love mineral water or as they say in Europe "gas, no gas" when you order water . . . i find the generic brands at the supermarket a suitable cheap substitute so i can save up for another European holiday. Love Posie

  4. yeah i used them in our old house to block up the gap between the fridge and the cupboard above {blood orange} until we got it fixed.....i noticed the picture above i got the pink bottles too {pink grapefruit} from aldi of all places, of course i got them for the bottles, hope your having a fab week xx

  5. A while back, I had a few bottles on display on top of our fridge for a pop of colour - only every time the fridge was closed, they seemed to edge further and further back until one day I found a bottle on the verge of slipping behind the fridge and smashing to smithereens on my floor!! Since then, the bottles are in my pantry only :)

  6. your images!!! I haven't decorated with those decor usually involves wine bottle everywhere:):)

  7. I haven't but would :)

    I think they look pretty...



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