Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neutrals are nice.

Ohhh my neutrals, how I have missed you!
I might dally with colour but I keep coming back to neutrals as they are so stylish and timeless.
I love the pops of colour here and there from the flowers :)

How about you?
A you a fan of colours or neutrals? Or a mix?

Happy Hump Day!

PS - I have given everyone over at my facebook page a peek at some of my prints if you want to pop over :)


  1. This is how I love to use colour..little pops here and there. I love neutrals but I always think there needs to be a little bit of colour added in some it flowers..cushions..or artwork. Some great examples here Simone x

    Checked out your are way to cool for school..awesome it! x

  2. Neutrals are nice indeed, and you have picked some stunning spaces!!


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