Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm on facebook and twitter too!

I'm going all out and taking Honey and Fizz onto Facebook and Twitter. I also have an account with Pinterest if you wanted to follow along with that too!

Come and join me over there as I will be sharing a little bit more and updating through the day.

I'm going to give it a go anyway until it all becomes a bit too much for me!

If you are on facebook and twitter too, let me know so I can catch up with you.

I kept my little blog a secret from most of my family and friends for almost a year so now it is all out in the open I have been getting lots of positive comments which is lovely.

So do your friends and family follow your blogs or is it your little secret?


  1. I'm Maxabella2 on twitter, but don't hold your breath waiting for required witty updates as I'm the slackest tweeter in the world... the WORLD!! Have fun with it all. x

  2. Hi Simone I'm now a FB friend. Watch out - it can be addictive! J x

  3. WOW Simone you are going to be a busy lady, Good luck !!!


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