Friday, February 11, 2011

Wisdom from Marilyn.


  1. Hi simone, thankyou for posting such wise words of advice!! Wouldnt it be good if we knew all of this stuff when we were younger... but then i guess life is learning along the way!!
    Wish i was in the eastern states so i could come to your picnic :( I hope you all have a really lovely time and let us know how it goes!
    Laura xx

  2. Hi Simone - love these words - thanks for the reminder! Just read about your picnic - sounds like a great idea but not sure if I can juggle things - would love to know what time though just in case?? Leanne

  3. Yay for Marilyn, very clever indeed, love Posie

  4. Nice...
    Lately I've been reading a lot of Marilyn quotes from the web and I'm amazed at the wisdom of her words, too different from the blonde bombshell image she has.

  5. I didn't know she had such wise words, I really love this.
    Hope your weekend (and picnic) is a beautiful one xx

  6. Goodness me. There was a lot more to that woman than meets the eye! Love it.
    X B


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