Sunday, February 6, 2011

A surf contest.

Finn is having his first surf contest for the year today.

He wrote out a list of goals at the start of the year and one of them was to win a surf contest. 

I love that he has goals at age 8 and is on the road to achieving them.

The current career ambition is professional surfer :)
Simon (avid surfer as he is) is all for this. 
He has offered his services as board carrier if the need ever arises.

Last years career ambition was a professional NRL football player.

I love that my boy aims high!


  1. Good luck Finn - I hope you have heaps of fun. Gotta love a kid that wants such good things in life.

  2. Oooh good luck Finn! I love that he dreams & believes! I think, it's so important for kids to have their own goals & directions! Just Lovely!

  3. Very exciting, good luck Finn! Wish I was brave enough to surf but I'm terrified of the ocean..Rachaelxx

  4. Best of luck to Finn, I'm sure he will have so much fun competing! His ambitious nature will serve him well in the future I reckon!
    (love that pic)
    Flick xo

  5. Best of luck to Finn today. I'm sure you'll enjoy being able to take a dip and get out of the heat. Great image of the combi.

  6. Hope Finn has a great day, my 8 yr old is scooter obsessed so that is his career plan at the moment, very cute!!


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