Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A new favourite thing.

Instead of brown paper packages tied up with string,  I will be using some of this gorgeous lace tape.

Just beautiful.


  1. Oh that is so pretty. I actually thought it was lace at first glance!

  2. yes ..i just discovered lace tapes for my artworks ..ts so divine isn't..love it..hope your well lovelie xx

  3. Love it! Check out this place- peel and stick material for wrapping! http://www.etsy.com/shop/kawaiigoodies XX Samantha

  4. It is really pretty - love it!

  5. Simone, I am just smitten and in love with everything you find, especially this darling lace tape, just TOO precious! :) Hope your week is off to a great start lovely!! xooxo

  6. I am with Trish - I love everything on your blog. You have beautiful taste X

  7. hi simone....
    i have just happily stumbled back here to become a follower-can't believe i wasn't!
    i adore your blog....would love to have gone to your picnic this weekend...but still in ol'blighty awaiting some sort of spring!!

    divine tape- i have a batch of it from cox & cox...
    have you been on that english mail order site?

    have fun & i'll wish some sun & no rain your way for the picnic...
    melissa x

    {Miss Sew & So}

  8. How pretty, where do you get it from?

  9. I bought some of this tape from Cox and Cox in the UK for Christmas wrapping last year. It's so lovely. You know you can get all sorts of pretty tape now. Such a great idea..Rachaelxx


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