Monday, January 31, 2011

The sound of silence.

After the whirlwind of this morning getting ready for the first day back at school, all I can hear is silence.

I am going to miss the boys today.
We have had such a great time these last 7 weeks :)

Although 3 o'clock will roll around in no time at all.
It doesnt take long for life to get back to the same old routine.

The up side to the boys being back at school is the house will stay tidier for longer and the cupboard and fridge wont be opened every half hour or so! And I am looking forward to those smiles and hugs at school pick up time.

Can't wait to catch up on all their news.


  1. You must miss the boys Simone. My big little man is off to 4 year old Kindy this year. 15 hours a week instead of 4 (for 3 year old). I am so excited for him, but will miss him terribly!

  2. I love it when my girls are home with me, but I would be remiss if I said I don't enjoy the long school days!

  3. Two more days and my girls will be back at school too. I think they're more ready for it than me! I've had a month off with them, and it has been fabulous. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is that old lunchbox routine again...

  4. Oh, my, Simone. That must be eerie! I won't hear that sound for another 3 years or so ☺. Joshie doesn't start Prep until 16 Feb so it's still the usual noise here. Oh, and where did you find that gorgeous photo? J x

  5. how did your day go???? hope you enjoyed some quite time, i bet you missed them like crazy too, big smooch have a fab week lisa

  6. Hope you had a lovely day home alone! Love, Emma.

  7. Oh yay, 3p.m. is my favourite time of day!! My 4 don't got back for another week, i know, never ending Summer fun at our place. My eldest is high school so she's on Monday as a new girl, the other 3 on Tuesday. Yahoo, lapping up how empty the shops are, love Posie

  8. Just found your blog... gorgeous gorgeous, lovely, fab... gxo


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