Monday, January 3, 2011

Some new bits and pieces.

I've been pottering around at home for the last couple of days.
I'm in the mood for changing things around and adding a few new bits and pieces.

I reconfigured the lounges in an L shape and bought a new round white coffee table for a pop of freshness.
It is not really a coffee table it is the Willow kids table from Freedom but it works perfectly.
I have also put up the bunting I got for Christmas above the doors.
It is adding a holiday vibe at the moment :)

This is my new "work" station.  I bought a couple of the prints and the rest I made myself.
Does this give you a little hint about my new little project?  :)
Desk is the Willow desk from Freedom. Ghost chair from my garage ( I had a couple of spares!), candelabra, milk bottles and peg from Domayne. Star from Jedos. Laptop from Santa :)

I also changed around the entry way.

I replaced the bench with my mirrored console for something different.
The print is one I made, my books and the white bowl was an engagement present (12 yrs ago!) and the & is from Typo. Hanging Driftwood was from Lotus Living.

So there you go.  A few little changes.
How about you? Have you made any changes around your home lately?

all images except the 1st one are my own.


  1. No major changes so far this year, renovating my body first!! I did over the 4 childrens' bedrooms last school holidays BIG TIME so only thing left is to oil cloth the desks & hang some art on their walls.
    Love that you can see outside the box with children's tables suitable as coffee tables. My twins have a chrome legged retro dining table in their room as a nice big desk for them, with laptop & coolest chairs ever from Little Nest!! Santa brought me a high powered staple gun, oh, nothing like it!!
    Good luck with your new business ideas, it's so much fun, go for it!! Love Posie

  2. Hi Simone, your house is looking so gorgeous - perhaps you could come and help me here?! Are you going to be creating prints as your new business? I hope so, I think you'll do a fabulous job. I love the Sunshine on my Shoulders one (I'm a closet John Denver fan).. I'm very excited for you! I'm thinking of lots of things here (long standing projects that I'd like to finish rather than changes). It all takes time find something I like, find the time to know what it's like with little ones! Have a great week..Rachaelxx

  3. Your house is lovely, your workstation is fantastic, it has inspired me to get moving on mine! Quite a few plans around the house this year, but no major renovations. Lots of painting inside and out, new driveway gates, new driveway, finishing the front garden and hopefully new plantation shutters!!!

  4. Simone, I love all of your changes and your new desk/workstation is gorgeous. I plan to paint some furniture this week so that should make a difference I hope. ;-)

  5. will you hurry up & spill about this new project of yours! ;)

  6. Hi Simone, you'd never tell the coffee table is a kids table. It looks fab as does the bunting. Fantastic the way you've made and framed your own prints and I like how you've displayed sentimental books. It's nice to have things to look fondly on.
    I'm in the midst (i.e. drop sheet city) of a bedroom reno for my 4 year old son. It's hot & humid here, and I'm feeling it!! You know when you get to the middle of a project... when will it end?? :)

  7. Thanks everyone, and yes Rachael I am a closet John Denver fan too :)
    My new project is going to be:
    honey and fizz - gorgeous things for your home.
    This will include prints, canvases, cushions and a few other bits n bobs. I have been working on this for a while but like everything does it is taking longer than I want to get everything together! Hoping to have a website etc by end of January but more likely February. Can't wait to show you all xx

  8. Hi Simone i just love this change..your work station is just beautiful and everything in your home is gorgeous!! xx

  9. Oh, Simone, what a fab way to start 2011! I particularly adore your work station - if only I had my own space like that ☺. It looks so clean, uncluttered and organised - bliss.

    And you saved the best for your last comment - bravo you! What a brilliant idea. You've seen how well Ada & Darcy took off last year - I bet you'll do fabulously as well. I can't wait for your big reveal! Sending you a Hobart ♥, my dear friend. J x

  10. LOL when you were hinting I was thinking……she better be selling those prints! I freaking love you- Go for it – I Can’t wait to start shopping. XX Samie

  11. Simone, EVERYTHING looks sooo gorgeous, luuurve your mirror console & ghost chairs & your very cheerful prints...good on santa for delivering a new laptop.
    Happy new year, I cant wait to see what youre up to!!

  12. Honey..I am so so happy and excited for you and your new little business venture you are about to embark on...and you certainly have created a wonderful inspirational working space to get those creative juices flowing. Cannot wait to hear more about it.
    p.s LOVE the new changes to the fresh and inviting, youve done an amazing job Simone :) x

  13. Everything looks beautiful. You certainly have an eye for design

  14. just lovely.. love all the prints too!!

  15. Having read through the comments I want to say two things. 1) your place is AMAZING and 2) I look forward to being one of your first customers when you open for business!

  16. Visiting from Fat Mum Slim - your blogging spot is so beautiful. I'd love to have a space like that!

  17. ... dropping in from Fat Mum Slim - I an in love with your house, the changes are beautiful. I hope when I finish renovating my house will be gorgeous like yours.

  18. Love, love, love. Think we are interior design/magazine addicted kindred spirits. Hi, from Kylee, first time reader from boomerangjane21. I lurve your style girl. Look forward to checking out your blog. Cheers.

  19. Simone your house is just GORGEOUS! Loving having a sticky beak and spending a lazy Sat reading your blog.

    One thing that strikes me, which no one seems to have picked up does one happen to have a few 'spare' ghost chairs in their garage?? Fancy sending one my way?


  20. I love your work station. Which prints did you purchase and where? I have recently started working from home and would love my nook to have a similar look.


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