Friday, January 14, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink was on the other night. You know, Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer.
So 80's and sooooo good!

So in honour of Pretty in Pink , I am going all Pink today!

I love all of those John Hughes movies. 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club.....

What was your favourite movie from the 80's?


  1. All so pretty! My fave movie ro the 80's would have to be Lost Boys and Dirty Dancing. I never tire of watching DD :)

  2. Oh, I loved all of those movies too and I love your tribute to pink today! ;-)

  3. hello!
    i am very very new to your blog, but i had to comment!
    pretty in pink is my favorite of the bunch, i have them all now and love to make my daughters watch them! ohhhh mom......
    we love pink!

  4. Lovely. I can't help but love a bit of girly pink!

  5. I am very partial to pink so I am loving your post today! Hmmm, let me think the 80's.... I would love to say I was too young to remember but that is not quite true so I would have to say one of my favourite movies would be Dirty Dancing. Have a great weekend Simone. xx

  6. I love me a bit of pink! I confess...ET!

  7. I wanted to be Molly Ringwell she made redhair and freckles hot! Love all those movies too I'm an 80s babe all over :)


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