Sunday, January 2, 2011

Loving these summer days.

I'm loving these summer days.
Long, lazy days with fabulous weather!
 Nothing to do except swim, catch up with friends and some reading.
These pics really have that Summer vibe!

Love this outdoor area. Surfboard is a must!

These colours look so fresh!

Another gorgeous outdoor area. How do they keep it so clean!

The perfect place for a pool party.
(Rob Lowes house)

Summer Fun!


  1. Love your blog xx I think those outdoor areas are so clean & tidy as it's little people free! To have my space that tidy for an hour would be a miracle in my house :)

  2. Ooh, you really make me want to have Summer!!! It's freezing cold here and it really warms me up looking at your beautiful pool images! Happy new year to you!!!

    Kristin :)

  3. Yep, these are definitely lovely summer pictures. Sigh... Wish is was summer here. At least it's not so cold any more.

  4. Hmm, it all looks very inviting to me! ;-)

  5. Lovely pics - especially the first shot and the one with the red door which I love. I must admit, I'm finding the heat hard to cope with this year - 40 again today here in Perth!!

  6. Oh what a great idea, a homemade lemonade stand & cookies, might distract people that our Army House looks nothing like Rob Lowe's!! Love Posie

  7. ah Summer........... I love living in Australia!


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