Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kids Rooms.

As it is the school holidays and the boys are constantly flitting from one activity to another, their rooms are an absolute mess!

Easily tidied of course, it is only toys that need putting away but one loses the motivation to tidy after the 10th time that day!!

 So I will just lose myself for a moment in these gorgeous bedrooms :)
 ( Hmmm what do they really look like?!!)

I'm loving all of these pops of colour!
And what a fabulous way to store books and trucks.
So simple but such a great idea!

How are your little darlings going during the school holidays? 
Is it just my boys or are your kids creating a mess too?

all images via pinterest


  1. Ha I relate! I bend over and wipe ALL DAY LONG!! These are great rooms and as you know I'm in the midst of a room makeover so I am currently devouring any of these types of images. I'm not a the fun decorating stage yet... but getting close!! :)

  2. ugh! I am so over the constant mess! I have a tidy room, go hang out a load of laundry, come back in, and MESS!!! I try to console myself with "atleast they are beibng creative".....;s
    Great post :)

  3. Same in this house Simone. It looks like a toys bomb has gone off. It is good to see them playing with their toys so I am not going to worry about it until they go back to school and I can get stuck into it and re-organise the pigeon holes which I thought would make life easier to clean up??? Love your images above. ;-)

  4. The bedrooms are all so wonderful Simone, I would have loved to have the one with the cubby and the chandy when I was little, actually I would still love to have it! My boys room is generally tidy but it doesn't look anywhere near as stylish as these beauties. I am looking forward to hearing more of your business venture and I wish you all the best for 2011. May all your dreams come true! xx

  5. What great pictures, I'll have to save a couple of those. My little darlings are going a bit better since I had a big sort out in their playroom and their bedroom. Setting up a 'home corner' and a dollhouse corner has helped too. We'll see.. Love your post today about being with your boys. Rachaelxx


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