Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dream House Files.

I've been adding to my dream house files lately.
I can definitely see a theme emerging!

I have realised that for me as my tastes change so often I have to stick to the basics and a neutral palette and add my colour with accessories and homewares that can be changed easily and at not too high a price!!

It is amazing for me to see my tastes change over the years from Balinese, to Beach House to French Provincial to now which is a mish mash that I couldn't possibly label!

Clean, classic with a touch of glamour will be my future.
For now!

Also a low maintenance yard and a pool is a must!

Can you get the feel I am going for?

So the things I know I will have are :

*Floorboards either dark or white. I know the dark will be more practical but white looks soooo good!

*White walls.

*White kitchen

*Pops of colour

*A light and airy feel

*A pool and low maintenance yard.

*Preferably a one story house. No stairs!

I'm putting it out there and wanting this to happen within the next 2 years!

The location obviously is a huge factor and the whole family wants to move closer to the beach. (although we are only 15 mins away and can see it from our house on the hill).  Our dream location would be somewhere in the Queenscliff / Manly flat area, within walking distance to the beach. Freshwater would be our 2nd choice.

Now, all I have to do is win the Lotto! I guess I better start playing!

Oh well we all need a dream :)

Do you have a dream house file?


  1. It all looks beautiful, I like the the white clean look aswell. And yes a pool is a must in my dream home too!

  2. I don't, but I do have in my mind a sort of idea what I want. I do like the white and clean look, but I want blue walls.

  3. That lap pool is beautiful! Excitment- I just bought those replica eames eifel tower chairs (first pic).

    The land prices in Sydney are crazy, not loving it. Love Freshwater- and the nachos at the Hilton there ;)


  4. i do have dream file too...loving a lot what you mentioned..i want that bed!!! happy Monday Simone XX

  5. I love that kitchen with the three pendant lights!! I don't have a dream house file as such but lots of 'inspiration files' of ideas to do around here and things I'd like to change. Your list for what you want in your dream house sounds perfect! x

  6. A pretty selection, Simone. As we're renting in Hobart until we sell in Sydney, I've put such thoughts away for the moment. But I'm enjoying observing your ideas.

    Oh, and whilst Borders is selling that divine book for $A90, Booko tells me I can get it from the US for only $A34! J x

  7. Hi simone, sounds perfect!!! lots of very lovely ideas! I might do the same; put it out there and ask the universe!!! Right now i would be happy if my aircon was working though! Maybe i should ask for that one first seeing as we are in for another shocker of a hot week!
    Hugs, laura xx

  8. Love where you've been going with this Simone - and you've just described my decorating style to a tee! I stood at Ikea yesterday, alternating between the white floors and the dark floors. Decisions, decisions! K xx

  9. Love your style! White walls are a great canvas...can't wait to see what you do when your dream comes alive! Emma xx

  10. Simone, beautiful selection! I love the empty frames - although the urge to fill them would eventually be too strong, I suspect :) I'm with you on the simple colour palette. Don't have a file as the dream is a bit too elusive at the moment...but I ove the idea!

  11. I am loving your dream homes Simone. I love the freshness of white. We are getting a new kitchen this year and I am leaning towards all white

  12. Yes I have a dream house file and it looks very similar to yours. I love that style too and our hopes for our house is to create just that. single storey, pool, low maint yard and simple, classic house with beautiful furnishings. Hmmmm... I might be joining you in the lotto queue :)

  13. It really helps that you have an actual inspiration of what you want your house to look like. It makes the whole designing more specific and detailed. Anyway, your home ideas are great! They are quite refreshing and well-suited for coastal living. Anyway, how are things going now?

    Barry Sutton @ Iron Point Mortgage


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