Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces.

I love Summer as it means we can use our outdoor areas more.
I feel like I have a new space in the house to have my lunch, read a book or watch the kids play.

It is a lot of work though to keep the outdoor spaces looking clean and fresh so that I will want to use them.
My housework has doubled!

Here are some gorgeous outdoor spaces that I love.

I soooo want that outdoor oversized Scrabble set!

Are you using your outdoor areas much lately?


  1. Lovely Simone, especially the outdoor scrabble board. I've been eying off some vintage boards on eBay recently :)

  2. Some gorgeous pics there simone, just caught up on your last couple of posts that i had missed. I know another couple called Simone and Simon!!!! so funny!
    We do have a lot in common i noticed..maybe its the oldest child thing! I think some people think that I am snobby too as i am quite shy. Oh, and this is also going to be my year to get into shape too! for sure!
    have a great weekend!
    laura xx

  3. That scrable board is SO cool!
    Yes we're using our outdoor area alot at the moment except that the mozzies are out in force - grrr!

  4. I'll play giant scrabble with you!! I spent the weekend in Balmoral, say no more, they do outdoors like no one else. Love Posie

  5. The scrabble is too cool. I just had a client do an oversized Chess set in there garden. Gorgeous! Actually I love all of those images.

  6. What an awesome idea that scrabble set it! Love all of these images lovely. x

  7. I love that oversize scrabble - how cute! I am longing for summer days to get outdoors more - Melissa xx


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