Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loving this picture.

I am so loving this Mario Testino picture and all the images it conjures up.


Parties on the beach.


Not to mention the hot bods!

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope there is some sunshine for you today :)

Simone xx

PS - Did you notice my new header? My clever hubby helped me do it. So much prettier dont you think?

image mario testino


  1. It looks like we have finally have some sun in Melbourne today. I'm very excited...

  2. Ooo, your new header is so pretty!!

  3. A big thumbs up - it's gorgeous! Bravo, hubby. J x

  4. Love the new header, thanks Mr Honey and Fizz you are very clever.
    Yes that image reminds me of yesteryear when I was slim, tanned and could easily walk into a swimwear shop and feel comfortable buying a new bikini...Oh hang on, that never happened....
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Noticed the new header straight away - LOVE it!!! Enjoy your weekend xx


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