Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I love an oversized prop!

While I was watching the Rachel Zoe project the other night ( we all have our guilty pleasures!) I saw the shoot Demi Moore did for Harpers Bazaar.

I loved it!!
I love an oversized prop and you cant get more oversized than a giraffe!

Now the last one isnt oversized but it is sooooo pretty!

 I just love all these pictures. The colours are so amazing!

So which reality tv show is your guilty pleasure?!


  1. Desperate Hpusewives through and through.... Sad but true...

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  3. These are great pics. Every girls dream to play dress up! Love the giraffe. Guilty pleasures are any to do with decorating - Find Your Style, Justin and Colins Home Heist, Location Location, Dont Tell the Bride (tacky). We have Austar, so when I get the chance I flick through whatever is on - Sundays indulgence.
    Rebecca x

  4. HI,just found your blog and yes I love Rachel Zoe too! I'm now following along..xx

  5. Love this!! So so fun and I love Tori and Dean!


  6. Omg Reality shows I love them all, my fav is the real desperate housewives. I really couldn't live with out my foxtel

  7. i love reality shows, anything on bravo gets my vote! love all these images!

  8. What gorgeous images, Demi looks beautiful. When I'm not watching West Wing over and over again, the Real Housewives series are funny, my youngest stepdaughter loves them! Rachaelxx


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