Saturday, October 30, 2010


I woke up this morning to the smell of jasmine.

Our front garden has sprung to life with all our chinese star jasmine in bloom.
When we first bought our house we planted some jasmine as ground cover and off it took! So low maintenance.

It is low maintenance and smells lovely.
What more do you need?

We are having morning tea with my dad today so we have made some orange and poppyseed muffins. Yummo! Poppyseed muffins for Poppy. Perfect!

Later tonight Finn is having his first guitar performance. He will be playing "Smoke on the Water". So proud!


  1. Hi Simone, I love the smell of Jasmine!! I did not know you could use Chinese star Jasmine as a ground cover....hmmm you may have just solved one of my many gardening dilemmas, thanks:) Hope you have a lovely time with your Dad, the muffins look fabulous! Good luck to your Finn for his guitar performance, you must be such a proud Mum!! PS: I have just read my emails (I haven't looked at them for over a week..) and have just found yours, I will reply today!! Sorry for the delay. Happy weekend Simone ~ Txx

  2. YAY...go Finn!! Love the smell of Jasmine..its my favourite summer smell..along with coconut body butter :)

    Muffins look delicious...I really should get more into the baking scene...might win some points with the hubby!

    Have a wonderful weekend honey...look forward to catching up with you soon xo

  3. Looks like your weekend is starting wonderfully! The muffins look delicious! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Mmm, that is a heady smell of Sydney summertime, Simone. We have it down here in Hobart as well but it's not as prolific. I love that muffin pan - I'll have to hunt one down. Oh, and good luck, Finn! J x

  5. If I had a daughter I would seriously consider naming her Jasmine just becasue I love the plant so much. In fact as a girl I remember buying Jasmine plpants at the local market and growing it in a pot on the back deack off my bedroom. It looks very healthy at your place and a stunning display! I've never seen Jasmine as a ground cover before! Great idea!
    X Briohny.

  6. Wow - I can imagine how beautiful it must smell!! We have a star jasmine bush outside our back door which has just burst into flower and is creating a pretty show too. Your muffins look yummy and I hope Finn's guitar performance went well x

  7. I love Jasmine and think it looks gorgeous in your yard - just found you blog - delightful! Naomi x


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