Saturday, October 16, 2010

A clever idea!

Well it has been a cruisey Saturday morning so far and it has given me a chance to catch up on some blogs and time to discover new ones.
I also have a few new faces following honey and fizz , which is very exciting so I will definitely be trying to get to you and say hello :)

I just saw this post over at Full House and thought it was so clever that I had to repost it! A d.i.y fluffy light shade.

via parlour
It was made by Nicole at Parlour. Made with a paper lantern, hot glue and 1200 coffee filters!
I just started following her so I am looking forward to catching up on her blog. (I need to learn how to link things, will work on that!)

How clever is that?

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  1. Oh wow that is pretty neat!! Is the shade from IKEA?

  2. What a clever idea!! It looks really effective. Have fun at Finn's soccer presentation x

  3. Oh, wow wee, that looks amazing, i bet it caught your eye!! Is there nothing a hot glue gun can't spruce up & look a million dollars?? Well yes, but you know, from a handmade craft angle . . . love Posie

  4. How gorgeous is that..and such an affordable project to take on it. Windy As I say...we nearly got blown away at the park today ..did you get my email? :) x

  5. Love love this idea. Would be a very affordable way of creating a very expensive light fitting. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.
    Rebecca x

  6. That's amazing, how clever! And cheap! Rachaelxx

  7. Some people are so clever arent they?!
    Thanks to Amanda for helping me with my linking!

  8. What a great idea, I was trying to work out what it was in the first picture! Some people are very creative.

    Hope the presentation went well and you survived the weather :)

  9. Very clever indeed, I like it!

  10. That is one crafter with the gift of patience. I wonder how long this took? Beautiful though, and unique, like a piece of art work. Fabulous example of being thrifty and design on a dime. :)

  11. Hi there...thanks so much for featuring my project, and all the kind words. Yeah, it took 1200 coffee filters and probably around 10 hours of gluing for this to be finished. I actually ordered it online (IKEA did not have one big enough for what I wanted.)But, the smaller ones from IKEA would work the same way. Hope this helps...if anyone else tries it let me know how it turns out! ( =


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