Sunday, October 31, 2010

A boy and his werewolf!

As it is Halloween today I thought this was a pretty apt post!
While we were in Woolies the other day getting some groceries, Jasper spotted this werewolf in the pile of toys at the end of the aisles. (Why do they do this! I always make a point of bypassing the toy and lolly aisle!)

I let him hold it while he sat in the trolley so I could get the rest of the shopping done.
Well, Jasper fell in love with it!
It sings Thriller! It's eyes glow. It does the moonwalk! Of course it does :)
So Jasper spent the rest of the time howling along and swaying side to side to the music.
We got a few strange looks.
A boy and his werewolf!


  1. Isn't that just so cute. Jacob did the same with a singing soft toy when we were on holiday. We had to let him have it he was so excited about it. ;-)

  2. He sounds so cool, it was the eyes and singing Thriller that would have got me and the moonwalk?! He's a keeper! :)

  3. That is the funniest toy ever! So cute 'howling along' hehehee. Very sweet!

  4. teehee!! Yesterday, I wheeled my supposedly empty trolley out of BigW with Fern inside.... and later realised a packet of stationery had been theived! We walked right past security and they didnt even notice! Its not the first time, Fern also tried to steal a hot-pink wig over the weekend!!! Loving the werewolf... why not?!

  5. That is so funny! Hope Jasper gets lots of enjoyment out of his new toy :)


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