Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blast from the Past

I was going through my recipe books the other day, looking for inspiration when I came across my Woman's Weekly Cake books. I love these books! I loved them as a child and I love to go through them with my sons and plan which cakes we will make for the next birthday. Although I'm not very adventurous, we tend to stick to the number cakes. Smarties and sprinkles are my friends!

Remember these?

all of these images are from the facebook fan page of the Womens Weekly Cake book.

Below are my attempts at birthday cakes.
 I cant find all my photos but I have also attempted the whale, the turtle, the echidna. My next attempt will be to work with fondant!

A higgledy,piggledy chocolate mess but very popular!

Finn's 1st bday , my first cake, awwww :)

Finn was going through a bug phase and a lolly phase!

The Harry Potter phase

Jasper's 1st cake. I had planned something else but it didnt work so I covered it with sprinkles!

Jasper's 2nd cake, he was loving animals and we had a large crowd!

One year I was feeling a little sick and Simon had to step up
Here is the result!

The saggy, collapsible train wreck! (giggle) Very sweet of him :)

So I know you would have all had a cake from these books, which one was your favourite?
Mine was the swimming pool. I never had it myself but my cousin did. I was so jealous! :)


  1. the cakes you made are amazing!!,i've tried and tried but they never turn out for me,i think i will just stick to the smarties and the kit Kat border one {that i might be able to try one day} but the harry potter that's awesome well done Simone XX

  2. Thanks Mirela,looking back at the pics you can tell which ones were rushed and which ones just worked! Although I think people expect "mum's" cakes to be a little wonky :)

  3. Gorgeous! And yes, wonky and home-made looking is essential! My daughter had a pool party last year so we made the pool cake - but with vanilla wafers as the 'pavers' and it was rectangular and blue like our pool. I adore making the birthday cakes - good luck with the fondant - it's a tricky critter!

  4. You did a much better job of executing those than I did Simone. I made the swimming pool for Jess when she was five but the jelly didn't set quite well enough and all the babies sank! Then when I made the zoo for Ben when he was two he upended all the animals and stuck them in head first! Kids!!

  5. I've been looking and looking for that first cake book - it's the one we had as kids... and I want my kids to read it too.. love that smartie cake A x

  6. They are great cakes Simone. My nan used to make all of our birthday cakes out of this book when we were growing up, I have now inherited the book! You should definitely give fondant a go next time, just think of it like you are playing with playdoh, only it tastes a lot better, LOL!

    Katena x

  7. I always loved the carousel and the dolly varden but alas, no girls in our family to make them or nieces!!!!! I have definitely made some of the ones you have shown, still lots of fun! ;-)

  8. Your cakes are fabulous. Mr. Kypo makes the kids cakes he loves the Womans Weekly Cake Cookbooks. X

  9. Loved seeing your cakes - your tiger is amazing!! As a little girl, my Nanna used to make a special birthday cake for me every year - my favourite one she made me was the piano which you've shown above. I can't wait to make the cute ladybug cake for Grace one day.

  10. Simone!! Your cakes are amazing!! I am the world's worst decorating is even more out of my league!! Love your cakes, you clever lady!! ~ Tina xx

  11. Your cakes are amazing - the tiger and poodle look exactly the same as the ones in the book - I'm impressed! I made the pirate ship for Noah's first birthday, the back of it collapsed so Mum and I stuck it back together with big skewers :)

    Mum and Dad used to make us cakes from that WW book every year. I had the piano and the swimming pool (both favourites). It's such a great book. I always wanted the train and the barbie one with all the marshmallows.


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