Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A shopping trip is needed!

Wish maxi dress

So, I can feel a little shopping trip coming up.

Wish maxi dress

I know what I will be wearing this Spring/Summer once the warmer weather settles in.

Wish maxi dress

The maxi dress. So pretty but soooo comfortable. Wish has so many beautiful dresses this season.

Wish maxi dress

Do you love the maxi dress?

Dotti maxi dress

What is your comfy, go to outfit in Summer?

Simone xx


  1. I'm sitting here wearing a deep peach maxi dress and coveting every single one you've posted. Am now off to google a stockist for Wish near me...

  2. I heart a MAXI dress.

    There is a beautiful shop in Mona Vale called Ravish. You would love them X

  3. i have about 15 maxi dresses...naughty...and my lovely boyfreind tries to tell me they dont suit me because im short & curvy..yeah right! Then he says you should wear short dresses...theres the real reason! men! maybe you should come & take some of mine off my hands simone! I know you live close by ;)

  4. I too LOVE LOVE LOVE the good ole' maxi dress! I have a zillion of them from last yr & can't wait to go shopping for this season's soon! The good thing about them is they still fit you from year to year....I've dropped about 6kg since last summer but all my dresses still fit so comfortably.
    I wish they were 'in fashion' when I was pregnant as they would've been the best dress for my big belly :)
    In summer, my denim shorts & a flowy baby doll singlet is always a 'go to'outfit....or a Lorna Jane deliciously comfy :)
    P.S. I'm loving that white WISH dress you've featured....might add that to my summer wish list ;))

  5. Hmmm, well today I bought 2 maxi dresses from Dotti and one from Portmans. Havent even gotten around to the Wish ones yet!
    PPMJ - I must get a peach dress!
    Sal - yep take some pics, definately have a look :)
    Belinda - I know Ravish very well, must check it out soonish.
    Claire - I agree they are so flattering for so many different body types. I do love denim shorts too though :)

  6. These are gorgeous, love #2 and #3. Yikes, look out visa :)


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