Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mr Whippy is everywhere!

So you know who Mr Whippy is right?

That delicious pink icecream van that used to drive around the neighbourhood on a Sunday with Greensleeves tinkling from its speaker.

Well anyway, I am seeing Mr Whippy vans everywhere! They seem to be the latest accessory for photo shoots. Gorgeous models holding dripping icecream cones. Hmmm, I never see them eating the icecream though :)

My kids have never experienced the thrill of running outside with some money and buying an icecream from Mr Whippy. We live on a main road and I doubt he will ever make it over our way. Sometimes we hear Greensleeves in the distance on a sunny Sunday and Finn always says "oh I wish we lived on a quiet street".

So do you still have Mr Whippy in your area?


  1. No Mr Whippy here but I do remember chasing the van when I was a kid almost making myself sick with exhaustion! It was very exciting and rewarding!!!! ;-)

  2. want to hear a funny story? a guy i went to uni with's parent told him & his brother (when they were little) that when mr whippy played the music it meant he was out of ice cream!!! hahaha. He said they used to stand there laughing at the other kids running over because they knew he had run out!..they mustnt have hung around to see the kids with their ice creams!

  3. I remember chasing the Mr Whippy van when I was a little kid. Must say that I haven't seen the van around now that I am a grown up.

  4. oh that brings back some very fun memories as a girl, when you heard that sound you would look at your parents with pleading eyes......our neighbours always bought one for their dog, in summer last year we had one go past, it looked so old and run down, thanks for bringing back some fun memories lisa xox

  5. Yes Simone, we still get Mr Whippy in our street, not a pink van anymore, a bit more modern and he sells slush puppies and "real" espresso coffee, LOL. It is still a bit too cold for him to be visiting yet, but we can't wait :)

    Katena x

  6. Lots of memories! Love that story Sal, hmmm you think they would have seen an icecream or two! I dont know if you have seen Eddie Murphy's delirious but everytime I see an icecream van I think of that! Mrs KT I like the sound of your icecream van, love a slushie too :)

  7. yes we have Mr Whippy up the road from us every weekend. X


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