Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little break.

Hi everyone, I'm off for a little break as we are heading "bush" to catch up with my lovely extended family at our annual "Roundup".
It is held in a little country town called Euabalong where my mum and her family grew up.( About a 7 hr drive for us!) Population about 100 people. 

My mum moved back there a year ago and bought the local pub with her cousin.

I love catching up with my family as we all live so far apart these days it is great to see everyone and I love watching my boys run around with their cousins.

There is quite a few of us as my mum is one of 10 (!!!) children who all had at least 3 children, who had at least 2 children etc etc. You do the maths!!  The age group at the roundup will be from 72 yrs to 1 year, so we cover all bases!

us last year

There are plenty of activities planned such as fishing competitions, talent quests, cricket matches, games day (egg and spoon, sack races etc), catch the rooster and the highly contested "rabbit trap" ,which is a 100m sprint and the winner gets a gold plated rabbit trap! (dont ask!)

Anyway I cant wait to see the boys with all my family and they will love the camping part too.
But best of all I get to see my mumsy for 4 whole days! I've missed her.

Simon and Jasper practicing putting up the tent!

So I will see you all when I get back :)


  1. Looks & sounds like fun Simone!
    ENJOY catching up with family & living, laughing, LOVING!!!
    See you when you return!
    Safe travels

  2. Have Fun and enjoy your break....Family fun is awesome, i love all that stuff too.see you when you get back XX

  3. Sounds like a great time will be had by all, Simone. We are off camping with family for a few days also, the boys are very excited. Enjoy your little break.

    Katena x

  4. Oh Simone counds absolutely heavenly!! Stuff memories are made of... Have a great time, take lots of photos and we look forward to hearing some tales....

  5. Just fabulous, Simone! It sounds like you will have a brilliant time - enjoy! J x

  6. Have a great time simone, gee, your mum looks so young!!
    Laura c xxx

  7. Have a lovely time! So nice you can go, I love the last pic lol! Best wishes :-)

  8. Sounds fantastic and hey a Pub on hand....cannot go wrong.

    Just adore the little one in the last pic, too cute.


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