Monday, September 20, 2010

I never knew I needed a pink fridge!

So I never knew I needed a pink Smeg fridge.
 Until I saw these pictures.
I know you have probably seen these pics before but I just couldnt help myself!

So pretty and so impractical but sometimes you just want something, right?


  1. I love the pink Smeg fridge too - but I'd never convince my hubby to go for that colour at our place :) Have a lovely week Simone! x

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted a pink fridge, but sadly, as our fridge is hidden away in a butler's pantry off the kitchen I can't justify it {although I'm pretty sure I'd visit it regularly to gaze adoringly at it...}

  3. Awesome, now I want a pink fridge too!

  4. it looks so cute ,i want one now too :) xx

  5. I absolutely would love a pink fridge. It would match my pink KitchenAid.

    All I am now thinking about is PINK FRIDGES X

  6. Ooh, Simone! I'm not a huge pink fan but that Smeg could almost convert me. Sigh. And @Belinda, you lucky duck to have a KitchenAid! On my wishlist. Sigh (again!). J x

  7. Oh yes these are so cute!


  8. Who cares when impractical looks this good - love it! K xx

  9. Now there´s a need I can relate too!!!!!!! I need one too! Not just because it´s STUNNING and has such a wow-factor...but actually my current fridge seems to have done it´s duty so I need need one;)
    How can I ever get my hubby to understand that this rather expensive fridge is the one to get??? "Working on it!"
    And I love all your pictures!!!:))))

  10. I think they are so cool too! They are very 'ME' maybe when I get my dream kitchen one day :)
    Thank you for your lovely birthday comment today!

  11. Haha Simone, everytime I enter blog world there seem to be many things I never thought I wanted or needed until I saw them! Dangerous isn't it but I totally agree on the pink Smeg fridge! :-)

  12. I love that second photo. Never thought I'd want a pink kitchen but it looks so cute and cool.

  13. Amazing! This is the first time that I heard about pink refrigerators. I'm so astonished in this post! Well, I'll definitely recommend this to my newly-wed cousin, Bella, who's looking for a new house in Tulsa. I think the idea is unique. If that happens, their house would be one of the most interesting houses in Tulsa. Isn't that exciting?


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