Monday, July 5, 2010

Our favourite holiday spot!

During these cold days I have been dreaming of our next holiday. It got me thinking of Byron Bay. For us Byron is our perfect holiday destination.

It is perfect for us as a family as it is on the beach. 
Of course, with 2 surfers in the family ( Simon & Finn), Jasper who loves the beach and who is already in training on the surfboard, close proximity to the beach is a must!

There are plenty of yummy restaurants, shops to wander around, close enough to the gold coast if we want to take the kids to a theme park. 

I never saw myself as someone who went back to the same place year after year. But guess what, I am!! We try to go up twice a year, in March and then in December. Until we find something else that is just as good, we will keep going.

We stay in a gorgeous holiday house, right on The Pass and only a 5 min drive into town.

I love checking out the homewares shops up there and there are a couple of little dress shops I can always find something in. 

We always go to the Markets when they are on and Finn and I like going to Crystal Castle for lunch at least one day. 
Our time to wander the gardens and look at the crystals :)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I love our family on holidays. My workaholic husband finally slows down and we get to enjoy time together without looking at the clock and running from one activity to another like school, swimming lessons, soccer etc.

I love the fact that Byron Bay is full of wonderful memories for my family and I hope we can keep going there for years to come. Can't you just feel the sun and warmth through the pictures? Ahhhh (sigh) :)

Where is your favourite holiday destination?


  1. This place looks fantastic! So jealous! We usually go to my parents farm!

  2. That looks like a beautiful spot and you all look like you're having a great time! I've never been to Byron Bay, I'll definitely have to go one day.

    I haven't seen much of Australia yet, but I do love Esperance and the Margaret River region in WA, and Tasmania is just beautiful, I really love it there.

  3. You have me sold with your wonderful description of Byron Bay!! We've never been there but it sounds exactly like the type of place we'd love - near the water, relaxing, a few shops etc. Perfect! Our favourite spot is Denmark in the SW of WA - a quiet little town sort of where the forest meets the sea - we try and get down there each year too. Have a great start to your week Simone x

  4. thanks everyone, we love it!

    Amanda & Abby - I have always wanted to visit WA, I will get there one day!

    Leah - a holiday on a farm sounds wonderful x


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