Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A new lipgloss can brighten your day!

I was wandering through Myer kid free the other day when I decided I needed a couple of new lipglosses.

Sometimes a new lipgloss is all you need.

the bloom store - Chapel St, Melbourne

I am always drawn to the Bloom cosmetics display. It is soooo pretty and the packaging is so girly and sweet. I wasted a good 1/2 hour just playing with the different glosses and ooohing and aaahing over the pretty blushes and eye shadows.

a bloom display = pretty

Anyone with kids will know this was a huge treat!! For some reason my boys dont have the patience to let me try out different makeup. Hmmmm ;)

Bloom was created by Natalie Bloom at age 22. She started making her products out of her parents house.
It is so great to hear of businesses starting from humble beginnings and then taking off!


Natalie's inspiration wall in her home office

Have a wonderful day


  1. Any amount of time in the makeup dept of Myer without children is bliss, Simone! My boys don't have the patience for me to indulge in any form of retail therapy, glad you enjoyed it :)

    Mrs KT :)

  2. Yes! As a mother of two boys also, I understand! I actually let out a sigh of envy when I read 'Myer' and 'kid free'. Hope you found something lovely!
    X Briohny.

  3. thank you for your comments, it was lovely to have time to browse. There is a problem with blogger tonight so no comments are coming up:(

  4. A kid free shop must have been lovely - I love the way Bloom Cosmetics began and what a beautiful inspiration board!


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