Friday, July 30, 2010

More of my home.

Here is some more of my home.

I have a feeling it wont look like this for long, as I have an urge to change the colours etc. I am thinking of a splash of green. Well, that is what I am feeling for this week!

My Reading Corner, it is such a nice spot. It gets sunshine plus it has the added bonus of being able to see the boys in the backyard without having to be outside. 
I can referee from my chair!
Chair, ottoman & lamp from Freedom. Side table is from Bayswiss.

Our bedroom.
Bed, sidetables, lamps from Freedom. Quilt cover and throw from Ikea. Chandelier from Freedom, it is not wired but hey it has only been 4 years! Letters on wall from Typo. I change these around a bit. Sometimes I have love, or a canvas. It all depends on my mood! :)
You cant see it but to the left of the bed (in the pic) is the ensuite and our room also has a mini walk in closet.

Another angle.

Jasper's Room. 
Otherwise known as a toy explosion!
I am letting it go for now, as he loves it and has all his toys close by. A plus is that it keeps the toys from encroaching into the rest of the house! But I have my plans for a makeover.
I did a post on it a couple of days ago :)

My eldest son Finn's room is undergoing a transformation at the moment.
He is moving into the bigger spare room, so pics of his room at a later date.

One of my photo walls. Love having pics of the family around :)

Our backyard. 
Slowly getting taken over by more kids stuff! It's all looking a bit drab in this weather. Cant wait for Spring/Summer. Thats when this house comes alive!

The cubby. Jasper has so much fun dragging the trucks up and down the slide.
You can also see Fifi the rabbit's house. She moves constantly around the yard.

My adirondack chairs. They were an anniversary pressie from Simon, perfect for watching the boys romp around. Please excuse the fence! It is on Simon's neverending to do list to restain.
Our lovely tuckeroo trees are growing bigger every day and almost blocking out our neighbours house.
So that is a little more of my home.


  1. Just stunning Simone! And that photo wall must have been quite an achievement to put together - it looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing more of yur beautiful home. Jxx

  2. What a gorgeous home you have Simone. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your home is beautiful and real, please don't worry about your toy would have to be one of the most organised and tidiest toy explosions I have ever seen....thanks for sharing, I am in the process of creating a reading corner so thanks for the inspiration.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Oh I agree... that's what you call a photo wall! It absolutely creams the 9 frames we have on ours :P Thanks for sharing my dear... Happy Friday x

  5. Thank you for taking us into your home. I love the zzz's above your bed and your reading nook - what a unique and inviting chair. And then I saw your adirondack chairs and I couldn't help but smile. This summer I have found the perfect corner in my yard and I am on the look out for the perfect pair. They really are the most comfortable outdoor chairs. Thanks for stopping by the blog - I always enjoy hearing from new readers. Enjoy the upcoming weekend. =)

  6. Simone, I love seeing photos of your home! It's homely, yet stylish! Thanks for sharing a peak into your life!
    I'm in hospital...been bed-bound for 3 looking at blogs has been wonderful to pass the time & distract me...and yours as usual, has brightened my day :)

  7. Your home is so lovely Simone!! You have great taste. Your backyard looks perfect for children as does Jasper's room. LOVE the photo wall!! xx

  8. I love that you share your amazing house with us! You have wonderful style and your house is gorgeous. I love your photo wall and I am dreaming of my own little reading corner now after seeing yours. Have a great weekend Simone! xx

  9. You've got great style, your house is gorgeous, I even like the fence! I have a huge box of photos and frames waiting to be put up around the house as soon as the painting is finished - which will be next week, hooray! Your photo wall looks beautiful with that bench underneath it. Thanks for the look around..Rachaelxx

  10. I love your house and your style :)

  11. ooooh i love your home! I think the fence looks great in weathered grey btw, and that reading chair is in PERFECT positioning - armchair refereeing, I dream!!!


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