Friday, July 2, 2010

A little something I found.

Isnt it amazing what you can find when you venture into little shops that you have never noticed before?

my new suitcases

Yesterday I went looking for a fabric shop I thought I had seen a few months ago but when I got there it had disappeared. 

Don't you hate that!!

the picture doesnt do them justice. They are unmarked and such a lovely colour :)

In it's place was an antique shop. I never usually go into those but I thought I would have a little wander around. I found these two teal suitcases from the 60's. So cute and in such good condition.

I will find a home for you!

I don't really need them but can definately find a home for them when I bring out my blues/teal for spring. They were a bargain price of $35 for the two of them! Yay! 

I was thinking of using them as a little display but could totally use them for a weekend away too!

Have you had any bargain finds lately?


  1. Love your little suitcases Simone - I can definitely see them as display pieces! x

  2. So cool! Great find, def look great to have them on display but how cool would they be for a weekend away, you'd look tres chic!

  3. oh my gosh- i have that set from my mother when she was a young girl- and the little matching vanity with the mirror inside the lid...remember those...its very *Bewitched*....lucky you!

    i think all husbands miss the *bargain* in anything you buy if you didn't set out that morning to get it anyway!!

    thats why we have girlfriends & blogs...even though we love them for it!!

    have a lovely weekend
    melissa x

  4. wow - what an awesome find, and so cheap. You have made them look fantastic in your home. So jealous!
    I'm going shopping with friends in a couple of weeks for special finds such as these, hope I am as successful as you! xx


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