Friday, July 16, 2010

I want to live in a grey & white house

I love the look of grey & white on a home's exterior.
These will be the colours of choice for my next house.

So crisp & clean. It also offsets the greenery perfectly.

Grey, weathered wood & white.

The white trim around the windows really pops.

I also love a house with shutters!

A different way of doing grey & white.

Love the windows up top!

My house now is rendered and painted Warm Neutral with black accents.
It looks modern and wont date quickly, but I definately will go with the grey next time :)

What colour is your house?

Have a great day
Simone xx


  1. We will paint our house one day and I will be putting up a post for suggestions. I love the look of these grey and white houses. I might have to keep some of your images in the ideas file. Enjoy your weekend! :-)

  2. oh simone- that 3rd house is pretty much *one* of my all time fave dream houses....
    here in ol'blighty we live in a huge old rambling house with more rooms than we probably need- but into which space we have happily spread....the kids need the inside space as the weather doesn't allow consistent outside time!!! to say the least...
    i'm with you -grey and white and shutters- stunning!!
    have a lovely weekend...
    melissa x

  3. I had to laugh at this post..every week I tell my husband how much I want a grey and white exterior! I'm going to convince him one day to render the house and guess what colour it will be..I agree with you that it looks beautiful against the greenery. Have a great weekend..Rachaelxx

  4. We haven't started on the exterior yet, but the plan is for grey and white - so thank you so much for all the inspirational pics! At the moment it is yellow and blue, which I'm not feeling a lot of love for, I'm so looking forward to painting it!

  5. Oh Simone...ALL of these are it!!! x

  6. Oh such gorgeous photos. I did live in a grey and white house!... but I sold it to pay the school fees. Now I am scheming my next grey and white house. You are a woman after my own heart! A-M xx

  7. I love grey and white too, but I'm having a grey roof and white on the rest....currently being built actually :)

  8. I recognise one of my villa pics in there!!! Love love love the white and grey - there is oodles of it around us in Auckland and just looks so classy on a weatherboard home... Thank you for your lovely comments over at my blog - look forward to getting a little Sydney fix from you - we moved from there last year and I do miss it... Ann x


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