Monday, July 19, 2010

I choose the arched window!

I am drawn to an arched window at the moment.
Not that it would suit my home, but I am loving them in these pictures.

What do you think?

Am I the only one that thinks of playschool when I hear arched window? :)


  1. That shape's really serene don't you think? Beautiful pics...I'd like to be snuggled up on that window seat especially.

  2. I immediately thought playschool, ha ha! I need to get a life! I love all these photos. Perhaps the arches and chandeliers appeals most to me today. Oh, your blog is inspiring me to renovate sooner rather than later!

  3. Yes I thought of Playschool too!
    I LOVE arched windows they are stunning. We were married at Manly Golf Club and they have beautiful arch windows. My fav wedding photo is a pic of us in front of the huge arch windows, and subconsciously ,the windows are probably the reason why I love the photo :)

  4. i love these arched windows! such a great architectural element to add to a house!

  5. I love the arched window as well! Gives a lot of light and space. Though I wouldn't want them in my bedroom, I don't think.

  6. A great arched window will always be a timeless feature if its in the correct surroundings....Even in playschool...Love that facade pic number 7....just glorious.

  7. Yes, the arched windows are quite impressive and sort of give off a 'grandeur' like status.

  8. Yes, I LOVE the look & feel of an arched window too! They would look ridiculous in my house....but if I owned Heaven on 5th, I would be very much in love with my many gorgeous arched windows! xo

  9. Oh these remind me so much of ballet for some reason! So graceful! Love em too!

  10. Love the third photo! Arched windows are beautiful! I'm now a follower of your great blog! Glad to have found you through Homely-One!
    -Stephanie (

  11. I love the light coming through the window in the first photol. Didn't realise you had "Playschool" in Australia!

  12. Thanks everyone. I keep seeing them everywhere now!
    Kerry -They are serene, dont know why that is? :)

    Melinda - Playschool lives on! That is the thing with blogs they give you so much inspiration you are constantly changing and improving things :) I am definately adding in new ideas I see regularly.

    Janette - I love Manly Golf Club, I have been to 3 weddings there. All gorgeous! xx

    Alison - An arch does add that special something to a home.

    Loved from the start - Definately love the light and space feel in the first pic. Thanks for stopping by :)

    Elements - an arch is definately a classic design. I dont know where that last pic is from, would love to see the rest of the building :)

    Jenny - an arch window gives of a glamourous vibe, doesnt it? I know what you mean by grandeur, makes me think great gatsby!

    Claire - Heaven on 5th = divine!

    Leah - I definately get the ballet vibe too :)

    Moxie - Hi, so nice of you to stop by :) The windows are gorgeous!

    PhotoPuddle - The 1st pic is beautiful, love the size of the window. Yep, we have playschool here too. It has been on for years and years!

    I can definately feel the ballet vibe too :)

  13. Loving the arched windows! They are very cozy, and they definitely add beauty to the space. My grandmother had just installed one of these last month on our house. I love peeping at the glass windowpane because it provides a very wide view of her beautiful flower garden =)

    - Alejamuel Sultz


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