Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I just want to say a Happy Birthday to my gorgeous husband Simon. He is a wonderful husband and father and we are so lucky to have him!

The in-laws have offered to mind the boys tonight so Sime and I can go out for a birthday dinner.

We will do a family dinner at our house tomorrow night.

I will be making a rocky road baked cheesecake. 
I have never met a man with a sweeter tooth! :)

I'm looking forward to dinner, just the two of us tonight.


  1. I hope you have a lovely evening celebrating Simon's birthday. The rocky road cheesecake sounds delicious, would you share the recipe? Love the rainbow cake in the first picture too, lots of food colouring in that one, LOL.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Have fun tonight and happy birthday Simon. It's always nice to have some time by yourselves. Enjoy

  3. Oooh sounds perfect....a date night for his birthday :) Have a beautiful time together!
    And....YUMMMMMMMY rocky road cheesecake :)
    Happy Birthday to your Hubby xo

  4. oooh cute! i love the underwater pic of you two! where are you headed for dinner? found a great new place in terry hills a few months ago called cavallino - rustic italian run by the same people as pilu but more family style! YUUUUM!
    Sal x

  5. Sounds like something lovely to look forward to - enjoy! Great pics too - don't boys just love their Dads?! A x

  6. Have a wonderful, lovely, romantic night and a big happy birthday from me. Great underwater photo and rocky road cheesecake...don't think I've heard of anything more decadent!!

  7. such a cute post...i am going to ask my husband to make me a rainbow cake this august for my bday... :) have a great day!

  8. Thanks everyone, I don't know where we are going to go for dinner. We are starting with cocktails at Sable in Manly and will go from there!

    The rocky road cheesecake is a family favourite and not one I make often as it is sooooo moreish! Will def put up pics and the recipe :)

    The underwater pic was one of hundreds taken with our new camera at xmas time! It was our new toy for a while. Everyone always asks why are you wearing sunglasses underwater?! It is very glarey in our pool and I just didnt take them off. My version of goggles! :)

    Sal - love Pilu so will definately try Cavallino

  9. Happy birthday Simon! Hope you have a lovely time celebrating tonight with just the two of you. That rainbow cake looks amazing and your rocky road cheesecake sounds divine!!! x

  10. Sounds like a lovely romantic evening ahead. I hope you both have a great weekend celebrating. Make sure you post us a pic of that decadent sounding cheesecake. ;-)

  11. Happy birthday to Simon. Hope you have a lovely time celebrating.

  12. happy birthday to him as well! Hope it is lovely. That cake looks scrumptious!

  13. Hi Simone, I have just found your lovely blog and am really enjoying reading all your posts!
    I hope you have a fantastic dinner, and weekend.


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