Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dreaming of a window seat :)

I'm dreaming of a window seat.

Maybe it is because I have hardly had a minute to myself during these school holidays!!
Somewhere to sit and gaze out the window.

 Or maybe curl up with a book.

Just for a little while.

Aahhhh, so peaceful :)

Where do you go at home for a bit of peace & quiet?

Hope you are having a lovely day


  1. I want one so badly!! I don't seem to have anywhere I go for peace and quiet right now, always seem to be found by the littlies! One day...!

  2. oh i love the cushions on the top picture......window seats are lovely, i'd love to curl up with a blanket, book + hot the sun or watching the rain outside.....nice pics lisa xox

  3. I'd love a cute little nook like this too! Somewhere with a gorgeous view and a pile of plump cushions to sit down and flick through magazines would be perfect :) I love that first image - I love the grey/yellow combo lately and that mix of cushions is wonderful.

  4. Stunning, I'd love a window seat. That round one is very cool!

  5. I have just found your blog and its lovely to pop in tell you I just imagineD what it would be like to have enough time to sit by a window and dream about whats going on outside.....and then you get snapped back into reality with "Muuuummm"
    Thanks for that moment of solitude.

  6. I dream of having a window seat one day...such delicious places to spend some time! Congratulations on your award too...very well deserved! And may there be many more!

  7. I'd love a window seat like this to chill out in.


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