Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blogging = Inspiration!

I love blogging.
One of the main reasons is all the inspiration I receive from reading other people's blogs.
I love how everyone is sharing a common interest and are so nice and encouraging to each other.
 Its a lovefest!!

Anyhoo, I digress. I have been click, clicking away and ending up on some fantastic blogs.
One that has got me feeling all creative and inspired is Nicole from

She made this fabric garland with a friend and the tutorial looks so simple that I thought I might give it a go!

 From Nicole's blog :

I wasn't sure of which fabric to use, so I bought a few different kinds.
The silkier fabrics create a softer floppy flower, and the stiffer fabrics created more of a structured flower.
I preferred the sturdier fabrics.

I got about a yard of each color of fabric I wanted to use.
I then folded it a few times and cut it at about 3 - 4" wide.

(each cut varied)

Then, cut into the top of your fabric creating points, strips, or both.
I liked how the flower turned out the more organic the cuts were.

Unfold your fabric and thread your needle.

Fold the fabric back and forth to make your stitch.
This was the fastest way to get through all the fabric.
Once all of your fabric is thread, pull to gather the fabric down the thread to create your flower.

Knot the thread a few times to keep the middle of the flower tight.
After you finish all your flowers, glue onto selected trim.
I went with a thicker more substantial trim, which I think really helped with the weight of the flowers.

The finished product
(I also think this garland would be very pretty using all one color of fabric!)

You should definately check out Nicole's blog, and let me know of any new blogs you have come across that you love :)

Have a great day

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  1. What an adorable idea :) I'd do it if I didn't have a Thai hand-carved wood thingy over my door already :)

  2. A great little diy project..makes me all clucky for a little girl :) Have a great weekend lovely x

  3. What a lovely crafty idea. You should definitely give one a go. I just checked out Nicole's lovely blog - thanks for sharing with us x

  4. How cute, it looks great with the strong fabric, I like how it holds it's shape. I have a 6 year olds birthday party coming up, and this would work beautifully as decoration, then she can hang it in her room afterwards!
    Flick x

  5. Wow, this is so creative! I love the flowers.

  6. What a great idea! I LOVE it! The entrance is so cute now!

  7. Simone... this is awesome!! I so agree with you.. I simply love checking everyones blogs.. there are sooooooo many inspirations.. Love seeing real peoples.. real homes.. and real inspirations.. Magazines are great.. but so perfect and so boring.. A little bit of clutter and lots of love simply makes a home perfect..

    This is an awesome share.. I'm going to try it for sure.. I'm off to check her link!! :-)


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