Sunday, July 11, 2010

Barbie & Canturi

I just thought this was the funniest fashion event ever!
This event was held at RAFW - Australian Fashion Week.

Stefano Canturi is an Australian jeweller and Barbie is ........well we know who Barbie is. A fashion icon!!

Here is the blurb from Vogue
"$600,000.  That was the value of the necklace and diamond created by master Australian jeweller Stefano Canturi for Barbie at a special function, hosted at Fashion Week’s Rosemount Bar.
“She was a dream to work with,” Canturi said of the fashion icon, who at 50 looks a lot fresher than some of the models treading the runway for local designers. The not so living doll was in Sydney for the launch of the Barbie Basics range with her personal stylist."
The best bit! Waiters dressed as Ken!

A party for Barbie! How cute!

Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday


  1. Now that is cute! I hope you are having a delightful weekend! Kellie x

  2. Oh that is so hilarious, I love the pic of Stefano and Barbie!!!

  3. Hi Simone
    Thankyou for your lovely message. I couldnt help but smile when i saw the image of Stefano kissing Barbies hand-very ladylike!!!!

  4. Thanks Kellie, hope you have had a great weekend too :)
    Dustjacket Attic & Olivia - you know Stefano would have looked at the pics later and thought what was I thinking!

  5. How funny! But, too cute :)
    You should post your balloon post anytime! Looking forward to seeing it!


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