Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The simple things.

Sometimes it is the simple things that are so much fun.

We took advantage of the gorgeous winter sunshine and spent some time out in the backyard. We lay on the trampoline, loving the feeling of being warm.

We watched our puppy and rabbit run around together and Jasper and I played in the cubby house. It was so lovely just to have time together, just Mummy and Jasper.

I hope you enjoyed some sunshine today.


  1. What a fantastic cubby (and pool). I used to lie out on my trampoline as a kid in the sun. When I was sick my mum would let me lie on it with my doona over me to get some Vitamin D :)
    Enjoy this fabulous sunshine!

  2. Thanks Janette,
    Its lovely to see our kids doing the same things we did as kids. Some things never change:)


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