Saturday, June 26, 2010

Roar & Snore!

My little one and I went to the zoo yesterday.

the zoo

 We are zoo friends at Taronga Zoo (this means for a set fee we can go as many times as we like in a year). As we live pretty close we sometimes just pop in for an hour or so to watch the elephants have a bath or see the monkeys :)

Everytime we go I think what a wonderful spot for the zoo. Those animals have some prime real estate. Gorgeous harbour views!!

Anyway I thought how great would it be to do their Roar & Snore experience.

the roar & snore campsite
"The ‘new' Roar & Snore is now a fully hosted experience which includes architecturally designed tents, a sumptuous roast feast, drinks in the main tent, up-close animal encounters and the only opportunity to camp overnight with the views of Sydney Harbour and the city on one side and lions, leopards and Meerkats on the other.
Wake the next morning to the roar of the lions or an elephant's trumpet as you prepare to experience the zoo before the crowds. Feed a giraffe or pat a seal as you go ‘behind the scenes' to learn about the secrets of this famous and fascinating zoo. "
what a view to wake up to

My sons would love it! They would think it was such an adventure:) It is a bit expensive though so it might be one of those things that just stay as a great idea!

my own little monkey!

images from except the last one of course!


  1. You have a gorgeous little monkey! We're thinking of getting the Zoo Friends next year too as I'm sure William will love it when he's a little older.

    Hey and apparently the whales are migrating at the moment and so if you go to Nth head or any good viewing area you might see them. We might go see if we can spot them tomorrow :)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Hi Janette, I'm sure WillIam will love it. Thanks for the tip about the whales, we might check them out tomorrow too:) Have a great weekend xx

  3. I'm pretty sure we have the same thing here at Melbourne Zoo. It's one of the girls' favourite places..and mine..thanks for the great idea..Rachaelxx

  4. I'm doing this for my 30th birthday, in 3 weeks time and I simply can.not.wait!!

    Just stalking your posts... as you do ;)

    IG: nikkers8300


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