Friday, June 11, 2010

Green with envy!

Every now and then, I look around my house and I think hmmmm, I need something a little different to freshen up the place. The easiest and least expensive way is to introduce a new colour with my accessories. And this colour for me now is green.

I have accessorised with green before but it was about 5 years ago and it was an olive green. Now I'm thinking a beautiful, deep emerald green.  I have kinda fallen in love with the colour in not only homewares but fashion, jewellery & makeup too.

I do this you see, I change colours quite regularly and even have my own cupboard with cushions, vases etc, all stored away ready to be pulled out again when I need a change. My own merchandising cupboard!!

Hope you enjoy the long weekend and you get to do something lovely for yourself. I am going to book myself in for a massage on Sunday with a voucher I received for my birthday. I can't wait!


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