Thursday, June 24, 2010

A glimpse of my home!

I've noticed other bloggers sharing their homes so I thought I would give you a glimpse of my home.

We built our home 8 years ago. It has been adorned with many styles and colours over the years.
Because I love so many different styles it has been hard to stick with just one without getting a little tired of it!

Sorry the quality of the pictures are a bit average but you get the idea!

my dining area

My dining table, chandelier and mirror are from Freedom Furniture.

I used to work there before having Jaspser and the 20% staff discount was too tempting! My mum was homewares manager at Domayne so her 30% discount was fabulous too. My sister was furniture manager at David Jones for a while but I never bought anything there ;)

My divine ghost chairs were a present from my wonderful hubby! After endless hints of course :)

The red runner was from Domayne and the bowl and balls from That Bali shop.

The walls are painted in Malibu Sand from Dulux.

buffet in dining area

Buffet again from Freedom, fence palings from our old fence and painted by me, vase & candles - $2 shop, orchid from Florabelle. HOME blocks from Domayne.

sitting room (will eventually be the boys tv room)

Lounges from Fantastic Furniture ( chosen as they were hardy and wont show food, stains from the boys), coffee & side table, lamp, homewares from Freedom, more fence palings, bus roll made by me as I couldn't justify the prices from other ones I had seen!

I am using red as my accents at the moment as it felt quite wintery but I am ready for a change. Not quite sure what colour to commit to next!

It is all very neutral at the moment as that is what I wanted for a long time but now......... Let's just say that my taste is more eclectic and I am inspired by Kelly Wearstler etc. So  to change everything will be a huge undertaking! I need to make sure I'm not going to change my mind again!!

Anyhoo that is just a bit of my home, I will show you some more another day :)

Have a wonderful day


  1. hehehe my request paid off!
    love it all!
    and i love that you made a scroll yourself - how'd you do that?!
    sal x

  2. Thanks Sal! Did you make a request? I must of missed it! I just did a format of the bus scroll up on the laptop and got it printed onto a canvas. I sometimes sell them at the manly markets. This size would be $200. Xx

  3. You have a beautiful home! Love your Ghost Chairs - just my style - have been tempted to buy them before. Do they show scratch marks etc?
    I am also being pressured from friends to show my home .... may do it one day. I must admit I love peeking into other peoples houses, so it makes sense others would want to see mine too. How lucky were you to have family in the furniture business! Michelle

  4. Thanks Michelle:) I wanted the ghost chairs for ages. I was a bit worried about the scratches too but we have had them for 6 mths and so far none! They do get some fingerprints though, but easily cleaned with some windex :)

  5. Hi Simone..your home is gorgeous..I particularly love the fence palings, the chandelier, the ghost chairs (I just gave one to my youngest stepdaughter and she was over the moon!) and the mirror. You have great style..Rachaelxx

  6. Thanks Rachael, so nice of you to say :) I saw your home on your blog. It is beautiful! I love your bathroom and your laundry must be the nicest one I've ever seen. xx

  7. Your home is so lovely Simone! I love the fence pailing artwork and your chandelier is beautiful. It's funny how our taste in interiors can change so much, there's lots of things in our place that I wish I had done differently now :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, am glad to have now discovered yours x

  8. Thanks Amanda, I love your blog:)
    I wonder if my taste would change so much if I stopped reading home magazines and reading blogs!! xx

  9. Hi Simone- just love your fence pailings- clever gal!! I am a Manly girl- and never saw you at manly markets or i would have grabbed one of your bus scroll canvas'!! We've been here just over 2 yrs though! AND...those ghost chairs- ooohhh i am filled with serious envy- I tried to talk my husband into some when we saw them in Rome- thought the romance of the holiday may have swayed him- alas!! Will keep working on it whilst over here!
    melissa x
    think i need to pop you onto my side bar!!

  10. Hi Melissa, it's a small world:) Have only been doing the canvases for about 6 mths and then I only do the markets sometimes. I'm surprised Rome didn't work on your hubby:) Lucky you to be jetting off to all these fabulous places xx

  11. So jealous over your ghost chairs! They are stunning and your home is so lovely! I want to see more!

  12. Hi Simone,
    Your home is very elegant. Thanks for showing the pictures! Have a great week. Emma.

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