Thursday, June 17, 2010


My husband was talking about our next camping trip the other day.
It was very hard to sound enthusiastic! I havent had the greatest experience with camping but everyone but me (Simon, Finn & Jasper) loves it so I go along with it!!

It's just not really me but with 3 boys in the family, I will have to learn to love it.
I get the attraction. Fresh air, running around in the great outdoors, relaxing ( well we havent reached that stage yet with the kids). I'm sure as the years go on , it gets easier.

I found a campsite I think I could cope with. It's called Paperbark Camp at Jervis Bay.
What do you think? Camping or Glamping (glamourous camping)??!! 

It looks wonderfully relaxing. But I guess it kinda takes away from the whole idea of camping, right?


  1. How gorgeous! I think even my 6-star husband could cope with that..maybe..And Jervis Bay is one of my favourite places..Rachaelxx

  2. Thanks Rachel,
    Definately a luxurious version of camping:)
    Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. Hey Simone!
    Have just discoered you through my blog!
    i have stayed here!! It was great but we went in winter - id say it might be a good idea to go in summer it was pretty chilly! And for the second night we were the only people one not even staff & it turned into a moderatley terrfiying night! lol thats a whoooole other story! I suppose thats what you get for having an overactive imagination!
    sal x

  4. Hi Sal,
    Love your blog! Summer definately sounds like the better option:) Sounds like a scary night! Strange noises in the bushes?!


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