Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bunks - big mistake!!

I made a big mistake getting bunks for my eldest sons room!

these bunks look lovely and neat

Finn really wanted them, he wanted to sleep up high and have room for a friend to sleep over. I thought this was reasonable so we bought a plain pine bunk bed and my husband painted it in a glossy white.

Here's the problem. They are a nightmare to make!!!! 
Why didnt I think of this?!

I love a well made bed with the covers pulled tight, no lumps and bumps. This is impossible to achieve with bunks! Well you can but....... it takes soooo long and means contorting your body into weird angles why you balance on a chair or the ladder.

 Or is this just me?!

What I want to do is get rid of them and just get a single bed with either a trundle or maybe we can cut the bunk in half? My husband is against changing it because of course he put hours into painting it!!!

Anyway, I hope you are having a great day


  1. I'd never thought of that actually and had planned to get Will a bunk one day. But you're right, I remember trying to make the bunk beds down at the beach house and it's impossible.
    I like your single with a trundle idea.
    Have a great day Simone.

  2. I'd imagine making a bunk bed would be very tricky!! I like your idea of a trundle bed, it sounds more practical for sleepovers and for ease of making the bed :) Hope you can convince hubby :) Enjoy your day Simone x

  3. Oh goodness yes, I remember having to make mine as a child...:( Our 10 yr old is desperate for bunk beds, but I think this post just tipped the scales in the definitely 'No' direction! Hope you manage to talk your hubby into changing the bunks into two separate beds! ~ Tina xx


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