Saturday, May 23, 2015

19/52 - 2015

A portrait of my sons, once a week, every week in 2014

Noah - when the big boys are at school, the half pipe becomes a slippery dip

Jasper - watching Manly play a night game sitting on the hill at Brookie oval

Finn - a doctors visit for big and little 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Kid's Birthday Party decorations and fun party food ideas.

Jasper is turning 8 on Friday and I've been thinking of cute ideas to celebrate his birthday.
I love these fun DIY party decorations from Studio DIY.

DIY Birthday Confetti Popper 
details here

DIY Birthday Cake Box
details here

Tips on how to ice the best Birthday Cake ever
details here

A fun photo booth idea via

DIY candle holder via

String art via

I've also been browsing Pinterest for fun party food and I'm loving these ones....

All a bit of a sugar hit! 

Jasper is having a party with a few school friends and we've outsourced it and having it at our local Trampoline/Flip Out place. I find Autumn/Winter birthdays so hard as you can't rely on the weather for something outdoors.  I won't have to do anything for this party but I always like to celebrate on the actual day with a cake and afternoon tea with the family and of course balloons!

Do you have any birthday's coming up?

What is your favourite type of party food

Monday, May 18, 2015

Decorating with flowers at home and how to keep them looking fresh for longer.

I love having fresh flowers at home. I think they are a great way of adding that little something extra to a space and bringing life and colour to a room.

I use them to add texture,colour and interest to vignettes around the house and also to bring a little bit of nature inside. Plus they are pretty to look at!

I usually buy some weekly although at the moment there is an abundance as I have some bunches surviving from Mother's Day plus I bought a couple of bunches for a photo shoot we had here on the weekend.

I don't spend a lot on my flowers. I usually pick them up from the supermarket during my weekly grocery shop. Although if there is nothing there I like the look of I might pop past the deli/market to see what I have.  I prefer bunches of one colour and my favourites are white, pink and maybe yellow in the summer. To keep them fresher for longer I cut the stems diagonally when I get them home before I pop them in a vase. Make sure there are no leaves or greenery below the water as this pollutes the water quicker. I also recut stems and change the water every few days.
My favourite flowers change each season but I do love hydrangeas, pink roses and dahlias.

Also don't forget to look at your own garden for any flowers or greenery you can cut and pop into a vase. I love using our jasmine when it's blooming and I've got friends who have great gardens who will leave a bunch on the doorstep every now and again.

I steer away from heavily perfumed flowers as I have a sensitive nose and they can be a bit over powering inside. I always give them the sniff test before I buy, no matter how pretty they are!

I have a variety of vases to suit different types of flowers and spaces. I use anything from vases, bowls, mason jars, pencil holders and cannisters. If it's waterproof I'll use it!
I prefer clear glass but I have a couple of gold and marble look ones for extra interest.

I just love using flowers to decorate and add that personal touch to a space.
It really brings a freshness to the home.

Do you have flowers at home?
What type of flower is your favourite?

Sunday, May 17, 2015


A portrait of my sons, once a week every week in 2015

Noah - it's never too cold for Frozen Yoghurt!

 Jasper - dressed up as a farmer for his dance at the school assembly

Finn - legs almost as long as mine. Me and my 3 boys on Mother's Day

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