Thursday, March 26, 2015

Interior Inspiration - my favourite things from Down That Little Lane

I was asked to put together my favourite things from Down That Little Lane for their current newsletter.
With one week left until our renovations are complete and we move home, I was drawn to all things homewares and interior related. 

I can see the look I am going for in my head, now just to bring it all together. I was leaning towards all the neutral, natural tones with interest brought in via different textures and finishes.

Here is what I am loving over at Down That Little Lane at the moment...

I am really loving it all! I also love the excuse of a new season to change things up a bit. It's the perfect time to put away the summery stuff and add a few more cosy things ready for Autumn/Winter.

Anything catching your eye?
Do you change things up seasonally?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The non chocolate Easter Gift Guide!

With Easter coming up soon, my mind has turned to a few non chocolate Easter gifts you can to prevent an overload of chocolate!

 I know the boys will receive Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny as well as family so I like to get them something a little different to celebrate. Usually that is a new pair of pj's, a book or a game.

Here are a few other cute ideas to go along with the Easter Eggs!

12. Easter eggs

What are your plans for Easter?  Are you going away?
Do you have a gift that you give alongside the chocolate?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Noah turns 3! Balloons, the zoo and donuts.

The littlest member of our family had a birthday today. Our baby is 3!

He woke up to balloons and a table full of presents.
He was very excited and knew it was his special day.

It was so cute to see him unwrap his presents and the older boys made sure that he knew it was his birthday and the presents were all for him.

Noah received some new puzzles, a wooden Fire Station and fire truck, a Wiggles lunchbox and figurines, pj's and a couple of jumpers, books,  2 trains, tickets to the movies and the aquarium.  

After we dropped Finn and Jasper at school we drove to the Zoo. Noah had been as a baby but this was the first time that he really knew what was happening. He really wanted to see a giraffe.

The fake animals were just as much a hit as the real ones!

Noah doesn't stop for photos! I had to snap him while he was engrossed with the animals!

Simon and I loved our one on one time with him and we were a little sad that it's our last "first" zoo trip. These boys are growing up so fast!

Noah was so tired after the zoo, those little legs walked a lot!

He had his afternoon nap and when he woke up we had his "birthday cake" and sang Happy Birthday.
I did donuts instead of cake today as the homemade masterpiece (!!) is being made next weekend when we have a little family party. I didn't have 2 cakes in me this year!

Happy Birthday to our gorgeous Noah. We love you so much!

It was a lovely start to the week. Have you been to the zoo lately?
Any birthdays coming up?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Kids Birthday Party Inspiration

Noah turns 3 on Monday and I have been pinning a few ideas on how to celebrate his special day.

It will be all about the cake and a few balloons. 
Simon and I will do something special with him on Monday while the boys are at school and then we will do a birthday cake for afternoon tea.

As we are still out of the house with the renovations, we will have a little party with family next weekend, probably a picnic. Fingers crossed for lovely weather!

I love celebrating birthdays and I always try to make that day a little extra special.
Here are a few party/birthday ideas that I love - 

You can see some of Noah's previous birthdays here and here

I also love this Superhero theme!

Have a wonderful weekend! Any birthdays coming up?!
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