Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Weekend

Do you feel like the weekends are going faster than usual?
I can't believe it's Monday already.
Here are a few things we got up to on the weekend -

These monkeys were jumping on the bed on Saturday morning and making the bed making process a long one!

I enjoyed some fruit with the first of the Christmas magazines. I love these Christmas issues, as the excitement of the end of the year and holidays starts to build. We're also hosting Christmas Day at our place this year so I'm looking for a few new ideas.

We took advantage of the sun on Sunday with a beach day. So relaxing now that the kids are older and can entertain themselves and not have to be chased all over the beach!

The boys wanted to take a drive up the hill to check out the "castle" where we got married. They are doing renovations to the chapel. It seems so long ago now, it will be 15 years in December.

I made some Raspberry Ripple from the I Quit Sugar cookbook (we're not quitting it by the way, just cutting down) Simon and I liked it as the raspberries added the sweetness but it was too bitter for the boys.  Ingredients include raspberries, shredded coconut, cocao powder,rice malt syrup and coconut oil.

I'm loving Jasper's room at the moment as I have finally added all of the finishing touches. It is looking really fresh and summery.

The grey skies came over today so these stairs were some of the brightest things on my walk today.

Picket fences and flowers are so pretty and the perfect combination.

Moody greys, blues and greens at the beach today. The water looked extra chilly and so different from yesterday.

How was your weekend?
Did you get up to anything interesting?

all pics my own

Thursday, October 16, 2014


A portrait of my sons, once a week, every week in 2014

Noah - hello plane! 

Jasper - dressed up for "What I want to be when I grow up day" at school

Finn - very proud of his Math's test results

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Marble Macbook

I popped a photo on Instagram this morning and got so many enquiries on how I made my "Marble" Macbook.

I had seen a DIY on Pinterest and it looked so simple and stylish I thought I would give it a try.
It's a fun little project that adds a little something to my boring laptop. I'm not sure how long it will be before the edges peel off but we will see how we go!

I found the DIY instructions on Designlykke
Here they are -

Hey guys! Thank you all for the respond on my Mac. Means a lot to see that it appealed to so many around the world. I’ll try and guide you through how I did it.  First and foremost you need marble contact paper. This you can buy in a local hobby shop, on the internet or maybe on Ebay?

Cut this to around the same size as your Mac. I’ve used a utility knife to draw it up, then cut out. Remove the foil and add it slowly and carefully on the Mac (please be careful about air bubbles) Once you’ve got the foil on, remove it with the utility knife. Important, knife has to be sharp.

The Apple logo will show through the foil, but if you want to do as I have done, you can lift up the screen so the light will come through, then cut it out with the utility knife (but be careful, do not use excessive force, as you may damage the original logo)

Doesn't it look great?

**A couple of things I did differently from the original DIY** 

I picked my contact paper up from my local newsagent but I have heard you can find it at Bunnings or Officeworks.

When it came to the corners of the laptop, it was hard to round off the edges and make them stick evenly so I popped a couple of tiny slits in the paper to let out air bubbles and stick the contact down more firmly.

I didn't do the last step of cutting out the apple logo as I was worried about cutting it wonky or damaging my laptop. Once the laptop is open the light shines through the logo quite easily.

What do you think?
Do you decorate your laptop to make checking emails more fun? ;)

Original DIY instructions and DIY photos via
Top photo my own

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My 10 Spring/Summer Wardrobe Essentials

With the warmer weather arriving (although it is nowhere to be seen today!) it has inspired me to clean out my wardrobe and see which pieces I need to add for my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I usually stick to the same style of pieces each year. 
I either update them in a new colour, fabric or cut.
Although some of my faithful dresses stick around year after year.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces at the moment

1. My favourite Summer staple is a Maxidress and I loved this peach coloured one. Found here

2. A new hat is a must for me each year as by the end of Summer they are misshapen and water damaged. Found here

3. I love the classic salt water sandal and I especially love it in white. So fresh! Found here

4. Comfy denim shorts are a must. I loved the colour and fabric of these ones. Found here

5. My new favourite beach bag. I adore the leopard print plus you can fit so much in. Last beach trip I had 3 towels, change of clothes for each of the boys, water, snacks, keys etc . It all fit in easily. Found here

6. A white top is a hard working staple in my summer wardrobe.
I liked the extra detail on this one. Found here

7. This espadrille is perfect for when I want to give my thongs + sandals a break. Found here

8.You can't go wrong with a black one piece. I liked the simplicity of this one. Found here

9. I'm loving my roundie towel. I like that I can also use it at home as a rug or throw as well as at the beach. The b+w graphic is so cool. Found here

10. My flamingo float is the perfect size and colour for me to float around the pool dodging the boys and their splashes + bombs! Found here

Other Summer Essentials of mine are a good sunscreen, gradual fake tan/moisturiser, a Lifeproof case for my phone for those beach + pool pics and a summery candle to scent the air. 
I'm loving this one at the moment.

I also loved this Country Road video, it really embraces the best bits of Summer. It's shot beautifully in the most gorgeous light.
Watch it here

What is your Spring/Summer Essential?
Or have you found a new favourite here?
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